Business Coaching Certification in Malaysia

Are you looking for Business Coaching Certification in Malaysia?

Or you want to be a Certified Business Coach in Malaysia?

We have been receiving enquiries about Business Coaching Certification.  It looks like more and more people are interested to help others – we are very delighted.  We still remember that when we just started; we were so uncertain about ourselves.  Are we doing the right thing?  Are we teaching the right steps?  Are we actually adding values to our clients.  Time tells.  Our clients double their income in just weeks – this is so amazing to us.

You want to double your income, don’t you?

You want to make more money in business even during economy downturn, don’t you?

You want your customers to come back to you effortlessly, don’t you?

That makes us believe in our systems and we want to teach more people how to use it and how to help others through a Business Coaching Certification Program.  It’s very easy to learn.  It’s very impactful and it’s extremely effective.

Our Business Coaching Certification Program consists of 17 Modules (Main Topics)

Here are the overview of 5 Topics (out of 17) that we will be covering:-

  • Business System (consists of Step-by-step tools to build a business that makes profits);
  • Marketing Strategies – creative and uptrend strategies and how to build your network;
  • Sales Strategies – how to leverage your own people and high commission sales people to make more profits for your business);
  • How to raise money for your business without using your own money;
  • How to prepare exit plan for your business and if you like; you can make your business into Passive Income Stream.

Duration:  6 months

We have students who are not interested to be Business Coach – They are business owners who want to get the certification so that they could run their business well.  Even you are not interested to be a Business Coach – you are welcome to learn too.  Not only you will learn about Business Coaching; you will learn about yourselves too.  What are your strengths?  What are your opportunities?  We teach you everything so that you can run your business with confidence and teach others with the right knowledge and tools.

At the same time, we are looking for great people with big heart to join our team as our coaches as well.  If you like our culture and the way we groom people – email us your intention.

Our Business Coaching Certification teaches you more than becoming a Business Coach.  You will be very successful in whatever you do PLUS you will learn about yourselves and how you can serve others better.  If you are outstanding, you will in charge of our overseas clients – means you get to travel around the world.  Isn’t that amazing?

Email us your details and we will call you for a quick chat.