To perform a cozy and yet effective Career Coaching, it’s essential for the coach to set the context and speak politely so that the other person (the coachee) is willing to speak out and share his/her thoughts. Start the conversation with general topics and slowly bring the coachee into the objective of the day.  Ensure that he/she understands the objective of the conversation and do not use force in any of the questions.  The following questions are just examples, you may edit or amend according to your organization’s needs.

1 – Do you believe in yourself?

2 – What motivates you?

3 – What is success in your eyes?

4 – Do you see yourself as a leader?

5 – Do you like working with people or things?

6 – What would your friends say about you?

7 – What could you do to make your dream a reality?

8 – What career issues are on your mind today?

9 – What are your plans for future career growth?

10 – What are you most interested in?

11 – How well do you balance your work and family?

12 – What are your fears?

13 – What are your barriers for career success?

14 – Are you willing to contribute more?

15 – Name 3 of your strengths

16 – What would your friends say about you?

17 – What do you see yourself in one year?

Remember to probe when necessary, however, if the coachee is not comfortable with one or a few questions asked; just move on…

Happy Coaching!