Accomplish more at Work and create a Life Balance

In a day, we have so many tasks to accomplish; whether it’s at work or at home.

At times, we do not know where to ‘start’ our day. There are too many tasks in hands; some are leftovers from yesterday, some requires immediate attention, some are urgent, and some requires follow-ups. Not all of us are born with great concentration power.

Most of us lose concentration and focus! We are just overwhelmed. Losing focus is frustrating and yet affects our performance, especially at work.

This article will show you tips to gain concentration and focus; let’s take full charge of what we do daily and maximize our time too.

Let’s start with the environment. We have to be very familiar with our working environment. The working environment for a housewife will be at home, occasionally at the wet market. As for employees, we spend most of our time in the office.  To those who are doing Sales; they probably spend some time on the road, visiting clients, etc. We just have to get to know how we could be comfortable in the places we spend most of our time.

For some people, they spend a lot of time in their offices; therefore, they have to adjust themselves accordingly in different environment, almost every day. It’s essential to have a comfortable and welcoming environment; it’s easier for us to stay focus.

If you are working in the corporate office, you probably spend between 8-10 hours in the office. Your workstation has become the most boring place to sit at, especially if there is a phone that keeps ringing (just an example).  This is about personal comfort. You have to find your own comfort at work.

Many people listen to the music (to shut out distractions) and some use aromatherapy to keep them calm. There are companies in Korea that do not take incoming calls for 2 hours in the morning so that their employees could concentrate in their work.   Some companies in Taiwan, they will have a ‘free lunch’ day in a week; whereby their employees do not have to get out from the building to buy lunch and at the same time; they can spend some time in the pantry together as part of team bonding.

It’s cool to get to know more and more companies are getting more creative in terms of engaging their employees.

Here are some simple tips that you can adopt and share with others:-

  • Look at what you eat and drink. Eat proper meals throughout the day is essential to keep us focus. When you are hungry, you cannot focus;
  • Keep yourself hydrated, drink between 2,000 – 3,000ml of water daily;
  • Quick break – Do not get stuck in front of your computer, look away every 20-30 minute or walk to the pantry to grab a drink;
  • If you are having long meetings, excuse yourself to the toilet or stand at the back of the meeting room for 5-10 minutes;
  • If you encounter problems, list down the issues and possible solutions. When stuck, get help immediately (stay focus);
  • Catching deadline for a project – talk to the team, get immediate feedback and get everyone to focus on their roles and work towards the goals. Any delay, communicate accordingly;
  • Focus, not multi-tasking – it’s common to multi-task at work. If you are being assigned with a bigger project, focus. Plan and execute one by one;
  • Prioritize – Look at your to-do list, if you could delegate some of your tasks, please delegate;
  • Hard first, easy later – do the hard tasks first, then your whole day will be easy;
  • Deal with your emails only 3 times a day – some people keep looking at their inbox. Just look and reply to emails 3 times a day, e.g. 10am, 2pm, 5pm – that’s it!;
  • Social media – if your job or business requires you to feed the social media, you have to specify the time spent online for business and personal. Do not get too addicted as you will lose your concentration once you are distracted.
  • Turn off notifications – in general we received countless notifications in a day (e.g. Emails, Whats App, Facebook, Twitter, etc). These notifications will divert your attention and you will lose focus. Think twice.

Stay Focus…