Do you know that our worst enemies are OUR EXCUSES! Excuses come along when we procrastinate or try to push away some opportunities. Most of the time, we give too many excuses until we ourselves forget the purpose of life or business. Here are the top excuses that we always tell ourselves. Let’s STOP THESE EXCUSES NOW!

I don’t have time

Everyone has 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Same goes to Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki but successful people never give excuses. They are making more money than any other entrepreneurs on earth because they know how to deal with their time and leverage on other people’s strengths. Do not try to justify with “I don’t have time”; that what normally we choose to say.

Think – Will you say that you don’t have time when your clients call you and give you a million dollar deal? Will you say that you don’t have time if you are having high fever and require immediate medical attention? The only things that you should ‘not have time for’ are negative people and those who procrastinate or those who give lots of excuses. What is important to us, our lives and our businesses, we should allocate time to deal with them.

Achievers do not allow ‘excuses’ wander in their minds!

I know that!

These are the most dangerous words in the dictionary. We always think that we know everything therefore when people try to convey more messages / information to us, we STOP them by saying, “I KNOW THAT”. Honestly, these 3 words are somehow considered as an excuse to stop a communication and eventually stop us from learning.

Think about it, do you know everything? If not, don’t use “I know that” to kill all the opportunities out there!

When it comes, it will come.

WOW! What a perfect phrase to ponder. “When it comes, it will come.” Some of us used to hear this when we were kids (from our parents’). Does it mean that we just wait for things to happen? Does it mean that we just have faith and wait for success to arrive at our door step? Does it mean that we can sit back and relax because God will do something ‘special’ for us one day?

Let’s take the necessary steps to achieve our goals, let’s MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

I prefer happiness than being rich!

Let me ask you one simple question, “Will you be happy if you are poor?” The answer can be YES! There is no right or wrong answer; but if you have to struggle for food and bills; do we call this happiness?

We do not have to be extremely rich to enjoy real happiness. At least, we earn a little more than what we deserve. Some people earn a reasonable range of salary; they have a comfortable life now and may not save for rainy days. Some people earn big salaries; but they spend on luxuries and do not have enough for retirement. It truly depends on what you want.

Honestly, you can be rich and happy at the same time. Rich people can do more for themselves, their family and the society. Imagine that we can buy a house for our parents, we can bring our family to travel (not a budget travel,  we are talking about a 5-star travel), we can drive a better car, stay in a bigger houses and most importantly is to give back to the society; to make the world a better place to be.

Some of you must be thinking that you can contribute your time and energy if you are poor. Yes, you are right! Even if you are poor, you can still contribute to the society but what I mean here is that you can do more if you have more money. You can make a bigger difference.

We are not asking everyone to be wealthy NOW, but at least; take some actions to be more successful and earn more (to make it simple, get rich!).

Do not self-sabotage your success, if you do not know how to be successful, learn from those who are already successful. Successful people normally do not give excuses and they are willing to share what makes them successful.