Recently, we have just completed a survey on the biggest mistakes that most Malaysian companies make in the area of Marketing.

Although some may do well but most are not reviewing their Marketing strategies and thus repeat the same mistakes, without realizing them.

Here are the TOP 7 mistakes that we’ve gathered in the survey. We would appreciate if you could spend a few minutes reading them, so that you could avoid making such mistakes.


Low Marketing Budget

All companies must have a big budget for Marketing and we suggest you to BLOW IT! Get the best advertising (based on your industry), boost your image, build your brand and give more values to your clients.

One piece of brochure could work, but not all the time. Marketing is not about giving away brochures, unless that’s the best you can offer.

Use social media, buy advertisement spots in newspaper and magazines or even grab big advertising billboards to show how LOUD YOU ARE to the world (depending on the nature of your business).

Else, you can also work with reputable Marketing companies to structure your Marketing Strategies and put the right message to your audience and at the same time, build your brand.


They overlooked opportunities

Most companies stick to their old and conservative ways. Opportunities are missed.

The trend is changing every day. People are exposed to new things every day.

You have to adjust your USP based on the current trend; do some research, study your customers and you’ll know what to do next.


Doing everything by “Yourself”

Do what you do BEST; other than that, OUTSOURCE!

Time should be spent on Marketing – go out and see people!

If you have a team, delegate. If you don’t have a team, outsource. Look for experts out there!

Look at your team’s strengths and get them excited about your marketing strategies and work together to achieve your goals.



  • Do you know who you are ‘talking to’?
  • What is the message you want to tell your customers?
  • Do they understand?
  • Are you sending too much information to them?

Your customers want fast and simple information; review ways to communicate with them.


Hiring cheap Marketing staff

The rule is simple – Get a good marketing team, pick good candidates, pay them well. Remember, when you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys!

Let them do the work for you, it’s their expertise. You can pump in ideas and expectations but don’t take over their jobs.

Committed employees will do their best to achieve the goals, if they are aware of what you want. Reward them nicely as and when required.


“Same ideas”, too many times

Customers are human. They will get bored with your old ideas.

Creativity is key. Be creative, be innovative, be colorful.

The world is not just black and white, you can always attract the attention of the public by doing new fun things!


View Competitors as Competitors

In business; we have to identify our competitors.

Some companies are ‘fighting’ with each other – give cheaper rates, give-away freebies – ‘hoping’ to beat their competitors but; ended up misleading the customers.

View your competitors as your teacher. Copy what they do best, and don’t do what they don’t do well at. Focus on your USP, show your customers how unique you are and they will stay with you.